Boswell’s Life of Johnson

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Poet, lexicographer, critic, moralist and Great Cham, Dr. Johnson had in his friend Boswell the ideal biographer.

Notoriously and self-confessedly intemperate, Boswell shared with Johnson a huge appetite for life and threw equal energy into recording its every aspect in minute but telling detail. This irrepressible Scotsman was ‘always studying human nature and making experiments’, and the marvelously vivacious Journals he wrote daily furnished him with first-rate material when he came to write his biography.

The result is a masterpiece that brims over with wit, anecdote and originality. Hailed by Macaulay as the best biography ever written and by Carlyle as a book ‘beyond any other product of the eighteenth century’, The Life of Samuel Johnson today continues to enjoy its status as a classic of the language.


Boswell’s Life of Johnson
James Boswell

The Life of Samuel Johnson is the biography of the English Poet Samuel Johnson and considered as the greatest biography written in the modern biography genre. Johnson was described as the most distinguished man of letters in English history. James Boswell, the author of this biography was an Scottish Lawyer and his surname went on to get his name synonym for the term Boswell, Boswellian, Boswellism for his observing power. The biography not only narrated the life of Dr.Johnson, but had been considered as the vital source of information of his times. Though it was popular among his contemporary literary world. most modern critics thought it can not be considered as a proper biography. It may be noted that Bosewell not only made significant changes to Johnshon’s quotes but also censored many comments.


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