The Book of Herbs by Rosalind Northcote

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The Book of Herbs by Rosalind Northcote
(Illustrated Edition)


A delightful spring read. This 1971 edition is a faithful reprint of the 19th century “The Book of Herbs,”. Full of folklore, wisdom, useful kitchen herb information for the modern kitchen garden; and also centuries of wild and wonderful tales from country folk on the virtues of herbs for repelling scorpions, identifying witches, finding true love and attracting fairies. If you want to know what was served at table for James II coronation, it’s in this charming book.

Lady Northcote’s own conclusion:

“Nowadays, when everything travels more quickly along the road of life, the eyes of ordinary mortals get confused with the movement and the jostling and they do not see the pretty by-play that goes on in the bushes by the way, nor peer into the depths of the woodland beyond.”

How fortunate Lady Northcote’s friends and companion gardeners were, and how blessed are we to have her writing!

Share a few hours with yourself and this book and “wood magic.” You will feel remarkably refreshed and re-spirited.


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