Glimpses of America by James W. Buel

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Glimpses of America by James W. Buel
(Illustrated Edition)
A Pictorial and Descriptive History of Our Country’s Scenic Marvels

Photographs of the Picturesque Wonderlands of North America.
From Regions of Perpetual Ice to Lands of Perennial Sunshine.

It has been my good fortune to make many trips across the continent over the various railway lines; and business and pleasure have taken me during the past several years to nearly all the accessible parts of the country, reached by rail, boat or stage-coach. Always an admirer of nature, I have longed for the means to sketch or photograph the imposing scenery which caught my enraptured eye as I hurried by. This ambition prompted the really stupendous undertaking whose fruitage is now offered to the public in all its delicious flavor, in the form of a book as herewith submitted.


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