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How to tie a Tie : Step-by-step guide


Let us get into step by step guide on How to tie a Tie. To tie a tie is a simple process and it takes just couple of minutes.

How to tie a Tie
How to tie a Tie

Paradoxically, for many people, tying a tie is still a real problem. There are actually several schemes. They differ in complexity and in the shape of the resulting node. Simple options without unnecessary “frills” are easy to master if you carefully consider how to tie a tie step by step using a photo or in a good text.

The easiest way to tie a tie

How to tie a Tie

The described node is most often called “simple“. But there is another name for it – Kent. Ideal for any style of ties (except bow ties), for any style of clothing.

  • The neck accessory is placed on top of the neck (the collar of the shirt should be raised) so that on the left side the wide end goes down to the chest, and on the right – the narrow one. In this case, the left end should turn out to be about a third (at least) shorter than the right.
  • The right (wide) end overlaps the left (narrow) end. This is done as close to the neck as possible.
  • A complete revolution of the wide end is made around the narrow one. Thus, a loop is formed around the neck.
  • On the second turn, the wide end is drawn from the inside through the formed loop and brought out, threaded under the part that is wrapped around the narrow end. When it hangs, it completely covers the narrow part of the accessory. Thus, a sliding knot is formed around the freely hanging narrow part of the tie, which is lifted up by hand.

On which side the wide end will initially hang – it does not matter. The main thing is to observe the general sequence of actions and remember that the wide part is always superimposed on the narrow one.

After tying, the wide end should cover the hip belt buckle. This is a step-by-step guide on how to tie a narrow or wide tie in the easiest way. It takes practice, of course. It is advisable to train in front of a mirror. The knot must be tightened as tightly as possible so that there are no unnecessary folds, and try to remove the distortions.

When it comes to more complex knots, it is better, in addition to the text instructions, to watch a video of how to tie a fashionable tie step by step. It’s easy to find it on the internet.

There is a test for the correctness of tying the knot described above. It consists in the fact that when untying, you need to pull the thin end out of it, and then pull on the wide part. The knot should open without effort. If he stays, then a mistake was made in tying.

Thin ties are knitted, in general, by any means and give a lot of room for creativity. When choosing beautiful extravagant knots on how to tie a thin tie, step by step, pictures will help you understand better than text.

Which way to give preference?

Of the whole variety of knots, of which about 20 are known, it is worth choosing not only those that can be tied independently, but also suitable for a particular person. There are simple rules for this:

  • Small knots (for example, the simple one described above) are suitable for men with a dry physique. Conversely, the larger the fold and face, the larger the knot should be.
  • For a beautiful knot, the optimal tie width should not exceed 7-8 cm.
  • To make the knot as tight as possible, you need to slowly, step by step tie a tie around your neck, and not hold the tie in your hands, as may be advised. Only a very experienced person can tie a beautiful bow on the weight.
  • For business meetings, strict style suits, it is best to use the knot known as Windsor. It has a relatively wide, triangular shape. However, if you try to tie a tie made of thick fabric with a thick lining in this way, then the whole structure will turn out to be too massive.
  • Although the knots should be tight, the fabric should not be stretched excessively during tying. Otherwise, it can stretch out and the tie will lose its shape.

Remember that it can be very difficult for a child to tie a necktie on their own. Therefore, either teach him to take off his tie, just loosening the knot a little, or buy a tie with an elastic band with a knot tied and hemmed.

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